The Santa Apolónia Railway Station has returned to its origins, leaving behind the light blue and embracing the bright red tone that the facade of this iconic Lisbon building was painted in, in 1967. This change was supported by CIN and follows a project created inside the station, where a new hotel was built. Meanwhile, the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (which was until now yellow) has returned to its original colour of blue.

In the 1990s, the Santa Apolónia Railway Station changed its colour to light blue. The return of red to Santa Apolónia, by the architectural studio Saraiva e Associados (S+A) for the construction of the new hotel The Editory Riverside, was approved by Infraestruturas de Portugal, which owns the building.

“Finding the right tone was a major challenge for our colorimetry and prescription team, considering the entire history that the project represents. The original colour, which, as the architect José Aguiar says, resembles iron oxide red in everything, dates back to a specific period of the Industrial Revolution, so we would have to combine the best rehabilitation products and fine-tune a tone that could transmit the magic and the importance of a building like the Santa Apolónia Station", said Liliana Leis Soares, deputy director of Marketing at CIN, quoted in a statement.