In a statement, the Lisbon PSD says that "the left-wing majority in Lisbon City Council imposed its will to ban car traffic on Avenida da Liberdade on Sundays and holidays and to reduce traffic speed by 10 kilometers [per hour] in the city", without there having been "public consultation with the populations, without consulting traders, cultural agents or parish councils".

"PSD Lisboa will do everything to try to find a solution that meets the wishes and needs of the population, including from a legal point of view, given the absence of prior public consultation and the lack of opinions and studies from the services, which may, eventually, reverse the decision", reads the note published on the Facebook page of the party council.

For the PSD, the councillors who approved the proposal for Livre decided to move forward with "their will which is in no way consistent with the democratic way in which decisions should be made, with people and for people ".