It smells and looks like an egg, but it is not an egg. This plant-based substitute is a great option not only for vegans, but for all those who choose not to (or can't) eat eggs.

After five years of studies, a Portuguese company “Plantalicious” has created a perfect liquid vegan egg, which is the first from a Portuguese brand. Produced 100 percent from vegetables, it tastes and feels like an egg and is preservative free.

Plantalicious is a company focused on the development of plant-based products and was founded by researcher and gastronomic scientist, Mayla Araújo, together with Daniel Abegão, CEO of the Centre for Food Education & Research(CFER), based in Alcobaça, district of Leiria.

"We want to bring more options to consumers. The main goal of this product is to reach people who don't consume eggs and bring them sustainable food”, Daniel Abegão said. This product is not only for vegans, but for those who can’t eat eggs. “Allergy to egg proteins is becoming more and more common," he added.


"Plant-based alternatives are a growing trend worldwide. After market research, we found that there was a gap in the Portuguese market. Vegetarians, vegans or even people with egg allergies had no options in the market. So, we sought to create a product that was similar to an egg, as well as being tasty", said Mayla Araújo.

In addition, this vegan egg meets green requirements. "With reduced water consumption compared to conventional eggs and a smaller carbon footprint during production, the vegan egg is in line with the vision of a more sustainable production and the demands of eco-conscious consumers."

Also, from a health point of view, this egg isn’t a source of cholesterol, as it is a molecule that only exists in animals. "This product is not fat-free but it has low fat levels and no cholesterol at all," Daniel explained.


There are many people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle and these people are the main target of this product, however many people are sceptical about manufactured “unnatural” products. But are they right?

"Although we are a laboratory company and all products come from research, this product will not be made with a long white coat. We are a team of engineers, biochemists, scientists and nutritionists who have, with the utmost care, developed a product in the lab that will then be made in a manufacturing environment, always prioritising our principles as a company and a clean label," Daniel said.

As a food scientist, Mayla Araújo added that she sees the lab as a place that stands for food safety. "We want to be as transparent as possible. It is a natural product that can be prepared at home in a simple way, which will allow us to bring peace of mind to the people who will consume it".

If you are interested and looking forward to try it, the launch of the vegan egg is coming soon. For more information, check out their Instagram at