Flexident newest material is a crystalline nylon called Flexite supreme-N. This material can be used in any prescribed situation with unique flexibility, fit and finish characteristics, making it especially suitable for those with allergy concerns .

These are injection molded for superb fit and beautifully finished for natural looking aesthetics. All are guaranteed to be unbreakable.

I have written many articles on flexible dentures and was the first to offer flexible dentures in the Algarve. If you would like to know more or have any questions that you need to be answered then please send me an email through my website.

I am situated in the centre of Silves where these is ample parking. I provide a reliable, prompt and friendly service resulting in amazing natural looking dentures, restoring sunken features, improving your smile and helping you to look years younger.

We are the premier provider for flexible dentures and partial dentures with no metal clasps or palates. Minimal thickness with maximum fit and translucent to blend with gums, making them invisible in the mouth and clinically unbreakable.

Full dentures offer amazing, natural looking teeth, restoring sunken features to look years younger.

2 Hour guaranteed denture repairs for acrylic type dentures offered as part of our service to all clients.

For more information consult www.flexidentalgarve.com or Telephone 282442302 tlm.916717113.

Visit us at Gaveto das Ruas Cruz de Portugale Jose Falcao.loja 4.Silves 8300-166 email flexidentalgarve@gmail.com