Every day we make choices about our lifestyle, travel, food, consumption or entertainment. As a result of these daily choices, each of us is responsible for 72 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

Climate change is on the agenda. In this sense, PSlifestyle aims to promote positive and sustainable lifestyles. “We believe that it is necessary for each citizen to reflect and talk about it. In addition, adapt a sustainable lifestyle to consumers’ preferences and possibilities”, said DECO.

This project aims to reach 4 million European citizens, creating a citizens' movement for sustainability, with special focus on four sectors: housing, food, mobility and consumption.

“With this initiative, a space for citizen participation was opened with the promotion of six Living Labs, inviting all consumers to be part of this inclusive co-creation for a better and more sustainable life”, DECO added.

These workshops, which in Portugal took place on 30 April and 7 May at the Heden space in Santa Apolónia, Lisbon, “contributed to the improvement of the online tool PSLifestyle, which is a tool aimed at helping people become aware of their impact on the environment and support changes in our daily behavior”, they said.