The minister highlighted that Portugal, is a "champion country" of the Global Compact for Safe Migration and is fully committed to its objectives, being one of the first States to approve a National Implementation Plan.

"Three years after the launch of this Plan, I am pleased to share with you some of the results achieved, (...) such as the allocation of 336,000 social security numbers to foreign citizens wishing to start their professional activity in Portugal, promoting its regularisation", said Ana Catarina Mendes.

The official also highlighted the review of Portuguese language courses specifically designed for foreign citizens, which benefit thousands of migrants.

However, and looking to the future, the minister admitted the need to "deepen these efforts" and adapt national policies to the priorities defined in the Declaration of Progress.

In this sense, Ana Catarina Mendes declared that Portugal is committed to reviewing its National Implementation Plan, paying particular attention to women and children.

"This will include in-depth consultations with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. We aim to promote a 'three hundred and sixty degree approach' where local authorities and civil society are actively involved, reinforcing their role in promoting policies for the integration and sustainable development of communities", she stressed.

Promoting migration

Among the listed commitments is also the pursuit of the national objective of promoting regular migratory flows through the advancement of labour mobility agreements with other partner countries.

"As a country with a long tradition of welcoming migrants from different parts of the globe and with hundreds of thousands of our nationals residing abroad, Portugal aims to ensure that no one is left behind and that everyone enjoys equal opportunities, rights and duties", said the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.

Addressing the director-general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), António Vitorino, the minister also guaranteed Portugal's total commitment to the objectives of the 'Global Compact for Migration', and declared that she hoped to continue working together to promote of more inclusive societies.