One of the operations, which took place between Thursday and today in the nightlife areas of Albufeira, resulted in the arrest of five people, aged between 21 and 43.

According to the GNR, “in a coordinated manner with each other”, the suspects “approached tourists to sell narcotic products”, and 125 doses of cocaine, three of hashish, one of cannabis and 620 euros were seized.

The five detainees were formally taken as suspects and the case sent to the Albufeira Judicial Court.

In another action of daily patrolling and combating drug trafficking, carried out on Wednesday in Lagoa, the GNR detained two men and seized 170 doses of narcotics.

According to the GNR, the detainees, aged 22 and 32, had “in their possession 100 individual doses of heroin and 70 of cocaine, which led to their detention”.

The GNR also seized two mobile phones, several documents, a vehicle and 126.63 euros.