Jami is a crystal shop run by a sweet couple called João AMetista and Ida (hence Jami). They write into The Portugal News every month and slowly but surely ease us into the world of crystals - giving us one sparkly stone to reflect on at a time.

Their shop, located in downtown Faro, is usually full of all kinds of wild and wonderful gemstones. However, having recently had a little baby girl called Luz (‘Light’ in Portuguese) they decided to shut the shop for a few months to get to grips with being new parents - but also to create more space to come back with even more crystals.

We’ll be sure to let you know when they reopen. But if you would like to find out more, please follow them on Facebook (@Jami - Healing Energy) or Instagram (@jami_minerals) or visit their websitewww.jami.pt.

Now, without further ado, on with this month's crystal…


This crystal can also be called Purple Muscovite or Purple Mica.

Where is it found?

It is a type of mica (muscovite) with a bright purple colour, found mainly in Rosná in the Czech Republic. However, it can also be found all over the world, including Portugal. If you go hiking in the Serra do Gerês, in northern Portugal, it's quite possible to come across beautiful specimens of Lepidolite.

In industry, it is a source of lithium and is widely used in powder form as a pigment. This pigment is also used in cosmetics.

The Benefits

Lepidolite is considered a cleansing stone and is known for eliminating electromagnetic pollution generated by electronic equipment such as cell phones. It also blocks out other negativity which helps promote a cosmic consciousness.

It favours shamanic and spiritual journeys and helps you to adapt to future situations. It also reduces stress and depression and helps improve sleep quality. It makes animals less territorial, so it can be useful for pets that become too aggressive towards other creatures or even humans that they see as invading their space.