My heart aches today

And it's just war and

Sadness all day and

Nobody knows it's painful

But me oh yes me

And sadness in our eye's

As our little children cry

All through the cold dark lonely

Night and snow is falling tonight

And a bitter chill in the air and the

And the worst pain is yet to come

And I want to cry tonight but

I'm holding my baby so tight

And there's no longer any more

Tears to roll down my sad

Lonely old face and

I'm in a horrible blown up

Place and it's just war and

Destruction disaster and hate

And I've sat and cried and I'm

Holding my baby so tight as my

Loved ones died tonight

And Lord Jesus Christ

I want to break

Free and move on

But sadness lives on

And we are drowning in a

River of blood and we

Can’t catch our breath

And a lonely tear rolls down

My baby's face

We are already dead

In this blown up sad lonely place.