The Journalists and staff at The Portugal News speak to many people involved in the real estate business and there are certainly many opinions out there. The reality, however, is no one really knows for certain.

One thing the agents do tell us is consistent, is that there is a lack of decent villas, apartments and building plots coming onto the market. Buyers outnumber sellers by a considerable margin. As such, it is in our opinion that it is a sellers’ market at the moment.

In this case, as demand exceeds supply, the seller is in a strong position to command a good price for their property. If the seller uses an agent then the agent is aligned with the seller as the agent will get a better commission on a higher price unless a fixed fee has been agreed.

How does this situation change? Like most financial investments, timing is important.

Generally, what happens is prices start to stabilise and then perhaps even fall if more new properties come onto the market. In some cases this can lead to oversupply in the market as developers and sellers wish to capitalise on their investments.

Another factor that stabilises prices is the number of buyers decrease. A decrease in buyers can be caused by many factors such as political change, social change, changes to taxation or any sort of economic upheaval by way of example.

So, if you are considering selling you property in Portugal for whatever reason, perhaps now is the time to take the plunge. The agents in this Properties in Portugal magazine are some of the best in the business and will get you the best possible price, so why not contact one today to get a valuation. You may be pleasantly surprised!