This liquid, this liquor, this dissolving element

These colourless drops that fall from the sky

Into the soil it permeates, quenching all to survive

For the crops, for power, for entertainment, for you and I

Its stranded ribbons that fall through fingers, for our daily wash

My cup of water, my cup of tea, for a monthly fee

A silver sea, a white-water splash, this miracle moving element

The Icicle, the snowflake, the blue glacier

A glistening medium, a transporting ride, a timeless tide

My beautiful lake, my running river, my fantasy fountain

The snow-covered mountain, with waterfall bouncing

Our cup of water, a wonderous bounty

This lubricant provider, this giver of life, this taker of life

The mortar maker and concrete setter, this dissolving mix

The bread maker the grass grower, our salvation, it needs our ovation

Please quench the land and meet our demand?

Open the tap for water will flow for how long who knows?

With pride a clear provider

It’s not just a cup of water