The Espiga Festival is one of the most traditional events in the interior of the Algarve and after two years in which this important event had to be held in an adapted way, through "O Espiga vai a sua casa", this year the event will finally take place, starting with a BTT and a Pedestrian Walk "Trilhos da Espiga" on the morning of 26 May. Then, around 1pm, the taverns with traditional snacks and exhibitors of regional products will open their doors to the public.

However, the most awaited moment of the festival is scheduled for 4pm with the ethnographic parade where the cars representing the different localities and their main agricultural and craft activities are the focus of visitors' attention.

Bread making, strawberry picking, beekeeping and cork extraction, fig, almond and carob picking are some of the activities that will be taking place. These activities were for years the basis of the local economy and this is an opportunity to visit an Algarve lost in time, Loulé Council said.

In addition to this, there will be improvised poems read out by local poets, with messages addressed to municipal officials, calling for certain interventions in the parish. "A tradition that, year after year, is the brand image of this festival," he adds.

To end the evening, "Quinta-Feira da Espiga" will feature a dance, followed by a concert by popular singer Quim Barreiros, starting at 11pm. On the following day, 27 May, it is the turn of the elderly who will have moments of social interaction. On the other hand, the youngest are not left out either as three concerts will be promoted during that night: MGDRV (10pm), HMB (11.30pm) and Christian F (1am).

On Saturday, children are invited to participate in the "Festa das Espiguinhas", which, along with games, also aims to involve the youngest in the spirit of this party.

"For those who did not have the opportunity to watch the ethnographic parade, since in other counties the Dia da Espiga is not a bank holiday, the organisation will recreate this moment on Saturday evening, starting at 7:30pm," the municipality said. Also, on Saturday, there will be three free concerts by the following artistic groups: De Moda em Moda (10pm), Iris (11.30pm) and DJ Rodriguez (1am).

The Festa da Espiga, whose first edition took place in 1968, reached the final of the contest "7 Wonders of Popular Culture® 2020".