“In 2021, 370 Portuguese citizens were expelled/deported/removed to Portugal, of which 276 (74%) are from European countries and 94 (26%) from outside Europe”, says last year's RASI, approved this week.

According to the report, there was an increase of around 22% in the deportations of Portuguese people due “to the relief of the restrictive measures adopted to mitigate the effects of the pandemic crisis of covid-19”, namely the reopening of airspace and the resumption of immigration services around the world.

RASI highlights the expulsions of Portuguese from Norway, where 95 were deported, followed by France (50), United Kingdom (42), Luxembourg (32), Sweden (14), Netherlands (10), Germany (9), Finland (7), Belgium (5), Denmark (4), Austria, Greece and Switzerland (two each) and Hungary and Montenegro (one each).

The document also notes that 44 Portuguese citizens were deported from Canada, 12 from the United States, 10 from Peru, seven from Brazil, six from Australia, six from Venezuela, three from Angola, two from Mozambique, one in China, Israel, Senegal and Turkey.

The RASI also indicates that, at the end of 2021, 1,272 Portuguese were detained abroad, 42 more than in 2020.

Most Portuguese were detained in Europe (1,064), followed by the American continent (161), Asia (20), Oceania (16) and Africa (11).