Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, APAA, have many goals, but the main one is ‘protection’. In order to do this, they need money. Protecting animals, mainly four legged ones, is a full-time job. There are many societies, charities, associations doing this, all over the Algarve. And, within Portugal itself. Abandoning animals, of any kind, is a sad fact, that happens. People, other than those, who do the ‘Abandoning’, know the fear and terror this single act can cause. Hard-heartedly, enticing a pet into a car, driven to some strange, secluded area, dumping it, without its collar and pride. Someone, will come along and do the rescuing. This, sometimes happens, quickly, in other cases it never happens in time. A bitch, to be blunt, is on heat and then fair-game for all the males.

Dusty ‘Bin’ Girl

Females, constantly abused and if lucky, will be found and rescued. Struggling to come to terms with this, are many who have rescued such an animal. The dirty, scabby, injured creature has turned into a beautiful, strong, loving, loyal and happy pet. ‘Shiny’ Dusty is looking for a good home!

Abandoned Luncheonette!

An abandoned pregnant female, needs urgent attention. If safely, delivered of the pups, she will receive care and eventually spayed. This cost, depends on the size and weight of the dog. Surviving pups, vaccinated, de-wormed and homed, which requires, advertising, talking to people, newsletters, emails. Everything and anything possible, to find a kind, loving home. Until homed, they need feeding, regularly monitored, kept safe. It is cheaper to ‘castrate’ males, as the operation is less invasive, the dog recovery time is quicker. The cost of looking after a dog, feeding it, treating it, all adds up. That is why APAA have a SNiP programme which provides funds, to assist with surgery, costs of neutering or spaying. They can help the new owners, to pay a percentage of the vet fees.

A Typical Cat Colony

There are dozens of Cat Colonies, run by an amazingly small hard working group of people. Cats are difficult, posing a larger problem. You have to catch a cat first! Sounds unpleasant, but setting up a trap and enticing the cat is the only way. Sometimes this takes weeks. First, you have to gain the cat’s trust and confidence. This means feeding them. Then, SNiP! Which means the recovered feline, can be set free, and live out its life naturally.

APAA, do the work, that we would all like to, but can’t. But you can, provide a helping hand, a donation. Helping Hands is APAA’s motto. They have been serving the Algarve community for over 35 years, animal lovers, doing what they can, when they can.


Goodies Galor! Alvor

APAA Charity Shops: Bring quality goods Alvor, Dunas Complex Mon-Sat 10.30-2.00

Silves: Rua Elias Garcia 21, Mon-Sat 10-2.00. Buy the perfect present, all goods are donated. These shops survive to help raise money for APAA funding.

Silves Boutique

Look out for their Money raising ‘Pop-Ups’ and Special Events.

Re-Homing abandoned animals, contact: Jenny Cat Colonies: More information: Face Book – Contact Lisa Dowling.

Hall & Oates ‘Abandoned Luncheonette’/ Everly Brothers ‘Bird Dog’