"People missed it a lot. We started promoting the party on social media and people all said 'finally' or 'let's get back to the party'. Some say that rain or shine, they'll be there and there are people who are coming from very far away to Paris", said Philippe Martin, treasurer of the Portuguese Cultural and Social Association (APCS), in statements to Lusa agency.

The 46th edition of the Franco-Portuguese Party is organised by APCS and has become not only the biggest party of the Portuguese community in France, but possibly the whole of Europe. Over the 4th and 5th of June, there will be concerts, activities and Portuguese cuisine in the Municipality Park of Pontault-Combault, a city where about 25% of the population is of Portuguese origin.

There will be roast chicken, sardines and steaks, but this year other cuisines from around the world also wanted to join the event, which is the soul of the success of this party in the Paris region.

"It's a Portuguese party, where the French started to come and now there are as many Portuguese as French and everyone wants to participate", said Philippe Martins.

The party has free admission, but for security reasons, the venue can only receive 15,000 people a day. Before this limit was imposed by the local police, this party received more than 40 thousand people in two days.