The Brexit Saga

EDITOR, What a measured, well-balanced article by Douglas Hughes (Brexit - Old resentments simmer on - TPN 14 May). I remember only too well the conflicting arguments for and against Brexit but, ultimately, my patriotic/nationalistic fervour prompted me to vote Leave. Britain would again be governed by the British people through the facility of the ballot box... possibly.

Do I regret having voted the way I did? Honestly, no. Selfishly, yes. On obtaining residency in Portugal the amount of bureaucracy I've encountered has been staggering and still some governmental departments seem to be unable to get their acts together. Except for perhaps one: the ubiquitous tax department!

Weather, quality of life, better health, a general feeling of contentment all contribute towards my decision to continue living in Portugal and, for me, that's the true measure of happiness. Trite? I hope it doesn't come across that way.

I made my Brexit bed. Now I have to lie in it.

Ken Butterfield, By email

Does anyone care?

EDITOR, I have been in Praia de Rocha for about 2 yrs. on and off, and have had the priveledge to enjoy a pair of mated for life Seagulls. Watched as 1 of their 3 babies slowely died and the sadness for them as well as me, and now the mother is lying tangled in what I'm guessing is transparent fishing line dying. I have tried police, fire department which gave me a number been calling and no answer, left notes on every single gate, talked to condo owner who basically does not care, called to people to no avail, and I watch as her mate is distressed and asking me for help. Mated for life and I cannot help him save his mate. Two days and called fire dept again, but told me they cannot get in, that the police will have to come, and the police said they cannot pick up animals that they must be brought to them.

I sat in a burger joint today with no more plastic straws or lids, but somehow it's lawful to string up transparent plastic lines to kill animals, and I have to sit and watch her slowly die an agonizing death! Animal cruelty at it's best! Because of this I will be screaming at the top of my lungs for this to stop! I have worked with Project Wildlife and Stanslaus Wildlife in the states and my specialty was Song, and Sea and Shore birds, and never have I seen such disregard for life and all because some dimwit hates seagulls. News flash: seagulls live at the beach. I saw the article they could give "bird flu", "rabies" add Covid in there and you have an all out extermination. Allowing to put deflection is one thing, but transparent fishing line It's murder of a sentient being on purpose! Like this mated for life pair. She is dying or dead and no one cares!

Pamela Kennedy, By email


Editor, Stephen Parson's letter in TPN 28 May was an excellent response to those expats who have left the UK yet still have the arrogance to object to Brexit.

May I summarise. Our sovereignty is more important than the opinions of those who have turned their backs on the UK.

David - London & Lagos, By email

Reply to Wes

EDITOR, What an ill-tempered and ultimately rather silly letter from Wes in the USA, a country where 36% of voters think that a president who has advanced alzheimer's is doing a great job!

Sad to see him shouting as well (all those capitals). We have a saying over here that if you need to shout that indicates you know you've lost the argument.

He talks about scientific facts, but doesn't quote any. He also seems to be unaware that 90% of all current covid infections are with people who have been fully vaccinated and were wearing masks. What more proof do you need that neither are much good?

And we are supposed to listen to governments that tell us to wear masks that the makers say don't work against viruses, and to take vaccines which are still rated as not fit for purpose by the FDA.

In any case, is he really that paranoid about catching a nasty cold, because that's what the current version is? And if he is waiting for flu and colds to disappear off the planet he will be waiting a very long time.

What we have discovered over the past couple of years is that those with the highest levels of paranoia and the heaviest lockdowns have been the worst hit. Now isn't that odd?

John Clare, By email


Editor, You should publish a story about what is happening at the airport... I arrived Sunday morning. I waited in line for 6.5 hours to go through immigration. Woman behind me in line fainted. Lots of yelling, many people missed connecting flights, and just absolute chaos. Many people saying they will never visit Portugal again.

I've never experienced anything like it, and hopefully never will again. I know that some other European airports are having issues, but to waste an entire day in line, in a cramped (what happened to covid protocols?), hot, immigration line was truly horrendous.

Brian Berg, By email