Demand in Portugal for the construction of swimming pools soared 200% this month, compared to May 2021. However, 65% of this demand was not met, with people unable to find professionals to install, clean and repair swimming pools, according to the study by Fixando.

After analysing 1,500 requests in the last 12 months, Fixando adds that, despite being a positive indicator for the sector, the "supply is very deficient and the prices of these services, without materials, fluctuate between 220 and 12,500 euros for new constructions"

“It is necessary for specialists from more traditional sectors, such as construction, to accompany their customers in the digitisation of the tertiary sector, as many of these customers have already made the transition to online and it is imperative that supply and demand are not mismatched”, underlines Alice Nunes, Fixando's new business director.