Are you looking for a new, modern kitchen for your second home in the Algarve? This is now easy with KÜtchenhaus Kitchens' presence in Portugal. This leading German brand is now in the Algarve and operating with a British ethos.

Back in the UK and located in Wilmslow Cheshire, Karl’s mission was to provide designs client’s would love, quality products they expect and service they deserve.

4 years on not only is Kütchenhaus Wilmslow established as a respected brand, it’s 5 star google and trustpilot rating demonstrate that Karl and the team can really be trusted to take care of your project.

“Creating a design you love”

Karl’s passion is clear to see and hear when you meet him “ The key to happy customers is the way you look after them. From the moment our clients first walk in the door we help to make them feel relaxed and create an environment where they feel really listened to in what they want or need in their new space. Trust comes from demonstrating that you genuinely care about your clients and their project,” Karl says…. Infact the kitchen is no longer a place where we prepare and eat our meals, they are becoming more and more the heart of the home from family breakfast’s to evening dinner parties. It’s our job to make this a reality, there is nothing more satisfying than when your clients tell you they love what you have done for them” he added.

German style

The total dedication that Karl and the Kutchenhaus team has for their customers is clear, and this is backed by the best in quality products. "The German kitchen is fantastic quality, very well made, so it will last and look beautiful. You will be sure you have made a good investment."

Service You deserve

Karl says: “ Our goal is to bring the same level of service to the Algarve. Our primary focus are clients living in the UK and with second homes in the Algarve. We can make it really easy for them as they can work with us in the UK to create the perfect kitchen and then with our trusted and professional Portuguese team we can take care of the installation.”

“We want our clients to enjoy their holiday time when they are in the Algarve and not have to worry about where to buy a kitchen or how they will co ordinate getting it installed.”

“How it works is we carry out the initial consultation either in our showroom in the UK or with our client in their Algarve home. If the latter, we will also carry out a full home measure. The design then follows with our client back in the UK, we invite them to come and see us. Once happy and signed off, the co-ordination of the project happens between our UK and Portuguese team.

“And we are not ruling out British clients that live permanently in the Algarve, the same service applies as we can work with them from the comfort of their home.”

"It is that piece of mind to work with a UK company that can look after everything for them.”

Satisfied clients

In this regard, Karl's clients are KÜtchenhaus' best advertisement. Barry bought an apartment in Villamoura and felt that the kitchen would need some upgrading. That was the moment he decided that no one would be as good for the job as Karl's company.

"Although the design was all done in England, the kitchen was made by a well-known German company. Designed in England, shipped to Portugal from Germany and installed here by Portuguese artisans," he said.

"I would recommend Karl to anyone. Karl is very organised and the quality of the German kitchens is absolutely excellent. The kitchen was properly installed almost three months ago and I've had no problems. It's perfect," Barry told The Portugal News.

It is key to work with someone you trust

We asked Karl what’s next for Kutchenhaus Algarve? “ We plan to open a small showroom that clients can visit us to see our full range of sample door and worktops and where we can have our initial consultation before the next step of a home measure to be able to create the design. All of which is a free no obligation service.”

So If you are looking for this type of service, combined with high quality German design in the Algarve, please call +351 911 899 927 or email