Asked about the increase in cases and the fact that Portugal is one of the countries with the highest number of infections, Marta Temido said that there is “a good tradition” in the country of registration, which reveals “the dimension of the problem”.

“Right now, what we can say in this regard is that we have been trying to make a very real and very committed record of the number of new cases of infection by Monkepox virus”, said the minister.

The minister underlined that the numbers of each country are always also a reflection of their notification strategy and clinical concern in this regard and are “very variable from country to country”.

But, according to Marta Temido, “the concern” at the moment is, above all, with “the good health of people who have contracted the virus and who are being monitored”.

The Minister of Health also said that the authorities are monitoring “this evolution with prudence, but with a non-excessive prudence”.

On whether there is a profile definition for these patients, she said that we are talking about “a disease and diseases choose people”.

“Therefore, what is very important is that the medical advice is followed”, concluded Marta Temido, adding that the national strategic reserve of medicines that the country already has includes the vaccine against smallpox. “And we are attentive to what is the need to reinforce the national strategic reserve”.