Their bespoke services make the purchase or sale of your exclusive property or investment a much smoother process due to their real estate brokerage belonging to the Splendour Luxury Group providing an all-inclusive service.

CEO of Splendour Luxury Group, Nelleke Bos, explained that “what makes us unique is that our real estate is combined with the other services we offer, so we can assist with everything when it comes to moving or investing in Portugal.”

Splendour Real Estate has a list of properties including a lot of off-market properties. Nelleke pointed out that “We have a wide network where we procure properties that you normally would not find and for us, there is no limit when it comes to finding a good investment. In Portugal, some owners are private about their properties and don’t want them listed but to which we have access.”

Further adding, “We have contact with project developers and property owners in very early stages. We have a track record with these companies which I believe is important to our clients because when you are investing from abroad, you need to know that you are dealing with a company that delivers quality projects and has a track record in the market, especially for investment purposes, and that is what we deliver with full transparency.”

“I think we differentiate ourselves because of that and for the larger investors, who are looking for commercial investments, we have the network to set out these kinds of searches. That of course is the more attractive part, what is normally not on the market like hotels goes rapidly and it never hits the official market.”

Nelleke affirmed that “We are not just selling an investment or selling a house, we are invested in having a long-term relationship with our clients, meaning that because of the other services we provide alongside real estate such as the fiscal or education support, we will be talking to our clients’ years into the future and we want our clients to be happy.”

In addition, Nelleke revealed that “the market is really complicated and that the reality is that real estate goes quickly and it can be hard to find good quality investments, especially if you are looking to live or invest in a certain area but we always manage to present attractive opportunities.”

Nelleke confirmed that now is a good time to invest in Portugal, highlighting that “The luxury market is definitely worth investing in, branding Portugal a safe haven in Europe, especially due to its growing popularity and that there is a shortage, despite demand. If you have a good product, it will definitely keep its value. Many companies are also investing here and I think with how development is now it will definitely give a return”

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