According to information provided by her brother, Dana Marie Tosta travelled to Portugal alone approximately three years ago. "Since then, Dana has travelled the country and has lived mainly as a "homeless" person, staying on beaches and, more recently, in beach caves in Portimão."

This American citizen from California has been living in Portimão for the past seven months and has no known friends or family in Portugal. However, she is very present on social media and used to keep daily contact with her boyfriend.

However, suddenly, she stopped posting. Since May 31, she has not said a word to her family and missed her boyfriend's birthday on 8 June, 2022.

“Dana suffers from mental illness that has gotten worse over the past few years. Dana also suffers from physical illness, including asthma, and a severe abdominal wall hernia that protrudes from her side approximately the size of a large ball. On 30 May, 2022 Dana sent a Facebook message to her father that she was ill, in pain, and was going to die. Due to Dana’s mental illness she has not sought treatment for her medical issues”, her brother said.

According to the description sent by her brother, she is a white female adult, 165 pounds, with brown eyes and hair and is missing front tooth. She has tattoos on lower back and left arm band.

On 15 June, the Judiciary Police confirmed to The Portugal News that they are investigating the case.