In a hearing at the Commission for Economy, Public Works, Planning, and Housing, the president of ANAC addressed the "very short-term constraints" that are affecting the functioning of airports. She highlighted the increase in air traffic, which has been earlier than expected.

"The biggest difficulty for this summer is in fact the lack of human resources and I would like to stress that it is a situation that is absolutely common to the whole of Europe," she said. The president further claimed that the delays start in central Europe and snowball to the peripheral countries.

Tânia Cardoso Simões also stressed that ANAC was talking to the government and other public entities in a bid to find a solution, stressing that it is essential to take a decision on the new Lisbon airport.

"Over the next five years, we have to live with the capacity we have, with ad hoc solutions to avoid delays," she said.

The president of ANAC also noted that the entity is also facing a lack of staff. "Right now we have seven tenders for 13 posts and we have requested a reinforcement of four people, which is all we can add under the current budget," she said, indicating that even so these reinforcements "are not enough.

As for issues raised by the lack of aircraft maintenance technicians, the president of ANAC said she had "no knowledge that there are problems regarding the aircraft maintenance of national operators", emphasising that even entities that outsource are obliged to follow strict safety requirements. "I'm not going to say that we ourselves do not have a lack of technicians", she acknowledged, but assured that "the teams put safety first".