“The expectation for the summer is that occupancy rates are around 80%, with the recovery of the German market and the United States of America”, said the delegate in the Azores of the Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal (AHP), Andreia Pavão, in statements to the Lusa agency, citing a survey recently carried out among members at a national and regional level.

According to the official, the archipelago registers “a lot of demand”, especially with “the recovery of international markets”, including “the return of the Germans and the Americans”.

“There is also a growth in the English market, through new operations by air carriers, which have recently started flights”, she also pointed out.

Hoteliers in the Azores hope to reach “2019 billing figures” this year, but warn of the impacts of rising inflation in the sector.

“Three years later, we have a much higher cost structure, in terms of the acquisition of raw materials and with the operation and external services that are being provided”, said Andreia Pavão.

According to the AHP delegate in the Azores, there is “a general increase in costs, including the value of labour and energy prices”.