In an interview with Lusa, at a time when the country is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, emphasised that the most important thing is to have water for people to consume, and that if in the event of a lack of water, the Government will apply “whatever restrictions are necessary”.

“It's not worth any company, who promotes a certain type of investment or infrastructure, to not take into account that water is a scarce resource. And we don't have any kind of limitation on applying restrictions when it's necessary. That's what we've been doing”, said Duarte Cordeiro, warning that those who invest without taking into account the scarcity of water will have consequences.

And he added: “It is important to explain that we are going to have to get used to living with less water, everyone, agro-industrial activities, the economic sectors, we all have to look at what opportunities we have”.

Golf courses

Responding specifically to golf courses, the minister asks investors to look at the land and protect themselves. “Economic sectors that need water, it is good that they invest in what allows them to have water, which is captured at sea, reusable water, taking advantage of efficiency… they really have to do it, it's not a matter of choice”.

Duarte Cordeiro was speaking to Lusa about the United Nations Ocean Conference, which starts today in Lisbon and runs until Friday. As part of the conference, the largest ever held on the oceans, under the theme “Save the Oceans Protect the Future”, a high-level symposium on water, organised by the Government and which will be opened by Duarte Cordeiro, is being held today.

The symposium, the minister explained to Lusa, is “one of the most important side events associated with the Ocean Conference”.

And it aims to “seek to build links between what is the importance of safeguarding fresh water” and the preservation of the oceans and the fight against climate change.