After the first conference took place five years ago in New York, Portugal, together with Kenya, organises the second meeting, under the motto “Save the Oceans, Protect the Future”.

This is the theme that brings together politicians from today to Friday, including 25 heads of state and government and a hundred ministers, at least 38 specialised agencies and international organisations, nearly 1,200 non-governmental organisations and other entities, more than 400 companies and 150 universities.

Blue transition

The numbers make the Portugal conference the biggest event ever held on the oceans, their problems, how to protect them or which economic opportunities exist, considering that a “green transition” is only possible with a “blue transition”, which is the sustainable use of the oceans, based on science and technology.

These will be the central themes of the event, which takes place mainly at Altice Arena, Parque das Nações, whose main program includes three hundred other events, four of them special, organised by Portugal, a high-level symposium on water, today, and a forum on sustainable blue economy and investment on Tuesday.