virtual space is starting to make traction and consultants McKinsey have said that they expect up to $5 trillion revenue generated by 2030. That means an investment now is starting at the very bottom of the market and would be an eight-year long-term wealth creator. The first project that will lead the crypto metaverse charge will be Decentraland (MANA) which saw a big move higher in coin and virtual land sales in late-November last year. Chronoly (CRNO) is another project that will capitalise on the metaverse space with its fractional investment of NFT’s backed by rare, exclusive and luxury watches.

Decentraland (MANA) Has Early-Mover Advantage

An important part of the metaverse is early-mover advantage and Decentraland (MANA) has that. The project is building its virtual world and has already attracted big name corporations to its metaverse. The record sale of virtual land on the platform clocked $150k in November and we will see land trade for millions by 2030. Decentraland has received praise in the past from Mark Zuckerberg, who has just positioned his platform towards the metaverse. Decentraland will use a DAO for decisions on the direction of the platform and that can create a real community-driven virtual world. Decentraland will have an edge in the crypto space because of the first mover advantage.

Chronoly (CRNO) Can Be a Big Player in Fashion and Investment

Chronoly (CRNO) has ambitions in the metaverse and the project could be a big player in virtual worlds. Chronoly allows users to invest in a fraction of an NFT which is backed against a real life asset. A rare, luxury and exclusive watch is authenticated, then an NFT is minted and broken down into fractions where users can purchase a fraction from as little as $10. The watch is then held in a secure vault worldwide where users have the option to purchase 100% of the NFT's, burn them and redeem physical delivery from the vault at any time. A secure logistics partner would deliver the watch to over 128 locations worldwide which is fully insured and trackable.

One development in the world of luxury watches recently was news that Tag Heuer, the Switzerland-based watchmaker, had created a new feature that lets wearers set the watch face as an NFT. This is the first sign of luxury watchmakers seeing the value in NFTs and Chronoly (CRNO) can capitalise on that opportunity with first mover advantage. Analysts are predicting a further 2,500% gain before its presale phase three ends. This is a great opportunity to invest into a project that hasn’t been done before in the crypto space. The chance to make 1,000x your investment is not easy to come by in crypto anymore but it's been marked as very possible with Chronoly. For these reasons our pick of the week for top crypto investment goes to Chronoly.

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