In a statement, the fund manager, owned by Pedro Vargas David and Luís Santos, reports the conclusion of the deal that had been announced in December 2021, without revealing the value of the investment.

"ALPAC intends to reinforce the European identity of the project, namely through the deepening of the dialogue with the Members of the European Parliament and of the European Commission in Brussels, and to continue the process of digitalisation of the media, as well as its efforts to diversify".

In the same note, the executive president of ALPAC Capital, Pedro Vargas David, highlights "the need to amplify the voice of Euronews in the European media landscape and even beyond the borders of the continent".

"Europe has experienced moments of instability in the last decade: financial, health and now military crises, which not so long ago, would have been practically unthinkable. The European Union has therefore played an increasingly central role in our lives. For the EU to become, as we wish, stronger and more efficient, it must be increasingly democratic and accountable: none of this is possible without a free and strong press".