The festival is organised by the Associação Juvenil Gustavo Filipe, located in the district of Guarda, aims to offer “the best of Portuguese artists to festival-goers”, according to a statement sent to The Portugal News. The festival will feature Nenny and Sippinpurpp, who will be headlining in a line-up that has not yet been fully revealed.

The Côa Summer Fest is a “bet on the dynamism of the interior of the country” with activities for all ages. In addition to the concerts, the “usual Somersby Pool Party” is confirmed on the last day of the event. Festivalgoers will have the opportunity to participate in a free event, which has the support of the Municipality of Foz Côa and other local entities. Camping is available, as is access to municipal swimming pools, upon purchase of a wristband. Staying overnight at the Pousada da Juventude is also a possibility, as prices have been reduced for the days of the festival.

José Garcia Figueiredo, president of the Gustavo Filipe Youth Association, says that it was not easy not to have the “festival for two years”, but that the long-awaited return will be “the most special ever”, of an event that has already created a connection with Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

Concern for the environment

The festival, which had its first edition in 2011, also provides the lowest possible environmental impact.

In a statement, the organisation begins by highlighting the means of transport used to reach the site. Public transport or rides with friends are one of the solutions suggested by the organisation to reduce not only traffic, but also carbon emissions into the environment.

Reusable cups for drinks are an option that festivalgoers should adopt. This avoids plastic waste, as well as rubbish on the floor, as the same cup will be used several times. The same concerning glitter used at parties. The purchase of biodegradable glitter may be the most ecologically sustainable option to adopt at the festival.

The organisers hope that people will have fun, at the same time as having some awareness of environmental issues, which are increasingly important.