Cagliari, 11 July 2022 - From 8 to 9 July, Mare Terra Isole - Produzioni di eccellenza tra Sardegna e Azzorre (Sea Land Islands - Productions of excellence between Sardinia and the Azores) was held. The event was organised within the framework of the international cooperation project Accorciamo le distanze: filiera corta tra terra e mare (Short supply chain between land and sea). The programme was held on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 July at the Convento San Giuseppe, Via Paracelso, Cagliari.


The day kicked off at 10.30 am with the opening conference featuring Cristoforo Luciano Piras, President of Gal Sulcis Iglesiente Capoterra e Campidano di Cagliari, Maria Giuseppina Cireddu, Department of Agriculture and Agro-pastoral Reform - Directorate General for Agriculture and Agro-pastoral Reform, Service for the Development of Territories and Rural Communities (Sardinia Region) and Gianni Ibba, Department of Agriculture and Agro-pastoral Reform - Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sardinia Region).

This was followed by speeches by representatives of the Gal and Flagships involved in the project, including the representatives of the Gal of the Azores, the main protagonists of the two-day event in Cagliari.

Gabriella Murgia, Councillor for Agriculture and Agro-pastoral Reform and representative of the Region of Sardinia, also spoke in conclusion.

The actual event started at 18:30 in the afternoon with the opening of the international event, which continued on Saturday 9 July. Participants were able to attend the performance of the Tenores di Bitti, the illustration of the exhibition of the Giants of Mont'e Prama, and the Children's Workshop dedicated to the rediscovery of the loom and ancient textiles. The first evening ended with the Terra Sarda Cooking Show, with Chefs Marina Ravarotto and Patrícia Cheio, and a DJ set with Dario Prefumo.


Saturday was opened by the Beni Benius Taste Workshop, with Sardinian sweets, Children's workshop dedicated to the rediscovery of the loom and ancient textiles, Educational workshop for children Piccolo gigante archeologo (Little Giant Archaeologist), Taste Workshop Bread, Oil and Wine: Identities of Europe, Taste Workshop The Azores Meet Pasta and Sardinian Beers, and Taste Workshop Caseus. Dairy products, honey and wine.

Then it was the turn of the Illustration of the Giants of Mont'e Prama exhibition, together with the musical performance Un Viaggio intorno al Mondo in 80 Strumenti by Nicola Agus. Closing the event was the Cooking show Mare e Sardegna, with Chef Laura Sechi and Patrícia Cheio, and a DJ set by Fabio Portoghese.

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