The Lisbon restaurant, defined as “the main gastronomic destination in the Portuguese capital”, remains the only Portuguese entry on the list of the 50 best in the world (‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’).

Belcanto, which holds two Michelin stars, first entered the list in 2019, when it was placed in 42nd.

“We have represented Portugal on this distinguished list for the last six years. This recognition is very important for us here in the Belcanto team and also for Lisbon and Portugal. This distinction helps to promote Portuguese cuisine to the world and enhance the value of Lisbon and Portugal as gourmet and tourist destinations. More and more people are travelling in search of different countries’, cities’ and regions’ gastronomic identities. Food is an important aspect of any culture. Increasingly, Portugal has everything it needs to make it a perfect foodie destination.” said José Avillez.

“A legendary establishment that opened its doors as a men's club in 1958, chef José Avillez took the helm at Belcanto in 2012. Under his culinary navigation, the restaurant earned its first Michelin star that year; a second followed just two years later", says the organisation, which describes Avillez's cuisine as making "full use of the Portuguese coast" and providing a "gastronomic journey through contemporary Portuguese cuisine".

This year, Geranium (Copenhagen) rose to the top of the list – last year, chef Rasmus Kofoed's restaurant, which also has three Michelin stars, took second place.

“Geranium is a holistic space that embraces the circle of life. Food is a connector, bringing people from all continents together,” said Rasmus Kofoed.

The Peruvian restaurant Central (4th last year), by Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, rose to second place, while Disfrutar (Barcelona, ​​owned by chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch) moved up to third place (5th in 2021).