Within the scope of the II Forum Cities and Towns with Shared Public Bicycles, which took place in Lisbon, the president of the FPCUB, José Manuel Caetano, said that the shared bicycle system “is not for profit”, so “everyone wins” with the proposal to include it in the Navegante pass.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, José Manuel Caetano reinforced the need to invest in soft modes of transport, including the promotion of bicycle use, to contribute to the fight against climate change, as well as “reduce the very high rate of pollution, especially in Lisbon”.

The FPCUB representative highlighted the importance of having shared bicycle stations at public transport interfaces, because this allows the “perfect combination” of different modes, namely bus, metro, train and bicycle, offering users the possibility of choice according to their needs.

José Manuel Caetano praised the GIRA shared bicycle network, provided by the Municipal Mobility and Parking Company of Lisbon (EMEL), considering that “it is a good example” for the promotion of bicycle use and that “it is working”, where there is the possibility of making trips of up to 45 minutes for free and the cost of the annual pass is 25 euros.