“The riverfront of Olhão has increased in quality and starts to rival any riverfront in the Algarve”, the mayor of Olhão, António Miguel Pina, told Lusa.

António Miguel Pina underlined the increase in the “quality offer” with the aim of attracting “people with greater purchasing power” to frequent the commercial spaces of the Algarve city.

In 2017 Docapesca signed the 35-year concession contract with the company Verbos do Cais and €8.5 million have already been invested in the renovation of Olhão marina/recreation port.

The company expects the investment to reach 10 million euros, when the works on the future shipyard and on more berths for vessels are completed.

The general director of the company responsible for the management and administration of the marina, José Carvalho, assures that he is working so that the entire infrastructure values ​​Olhão, which will be achieved with the “quality of services, safety and cleanliness” of the space.