According to Musement, an online platform for booking leisure activities, this ranking, which is led by Parque do Retiro in Madrid, Spain, is based on an analysis of Google's ratings of over 3,800 outdoor attractions across all European countries, including urban parks, gardens and natural attractions.

“The enormous biodiversity and the great beauty of many of these green areas, turn them into real tourist attractions, many of which cannot be missed”, highlights Musement.

The first place in the ranking is occupied by Parque do Retiro, in Madrid, with 153,445 reviews, followed by Park Güell, in Barcelona, ​​with 145,819 reviews, while Hyde Park, in London, United Kingdom, closes the podium, with 107,259.

The Portuguese attractions appear in the Top 30 and the first is Cabo da Roca, which has 40,700 reviews on Google, putting it in 22nd place in Musement's rank. Cabo da Roca is located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, which also enters the ranking, occupying the 27th position, with 35,228 reviews, while Parque Eduardo VII, the largest park in downtown Lisbon, appears in the next position, in 28th place, with 32,675 reviews.