According to a study by idealista/news, there are several municipalities where you can find cheaper houses for sale, as is the case of Penamacor, in the district of Castelo Branco, where buying a house cost 399 euros per square meter (euros/m2), on average, in the second quarter of 2022.

From the list of the 25 cheapest municipalities to buy a house in Portugal, Penamacor is in first place followed by the municipality of Nisa, in Portalegre, which has house prices of 427 euros/m2. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in Guarda, is in third place. Here, buying a house costs 428 euros/m2.

Among the municipalities where buying a house costs less than 500 euros/m2 are:

Crato, in Portalegre (431 euros/m2);

Sabugal, in Guarda (442 euros/m2);

Penacova, in Coimbra (448 euros/m2);

Góis, Coimbra (459 euros/m2);

Gavião, in Portalegre (466 euros/m2);

Tondela, in Viseu (480 euros/m2);

Celorico da Beira, in Guarda (485 euros/m2);

Fronteira, in Portalegre (486 euros/m2).

For less than 600 euros per m2 it is possible to buy a house in the municipalities of Arganil, in Coimbra (504 euros/m2); Sever do Vouga, in Aveiro (508 euros/m2); Carregal do Sal, in Viseu (513 euros/m2); Castro Daire, in Viseu (516 euros/m2); Vouzela, in Viseu (520 euros/m2); and Santa Comba Dão, in Viseu (521 euros/m2).

Most expensive

According to the study carried out by idealista, Lisbon is the most expensive place to buy a property where the m2 costs 5,000 euros.

Then come Cascais (4,116 euros/m2), Grândola (3,824 euros/m2), Loulé (3,369 euros/m2), Oeiras (3,262 euros/m2) and Lagos (3,220 euros/m2).