The Covid-19 storm has been weathered and The Portugal News goes from strength to strength, particularly online, where in July was read by over 1.1 million unique users for the first time. According to website traffic comparison websites we are the most read English language website in Portugal - by a long way - surpassing the government information site a couple of months ago.

Focusing on the positive

Unlike a lot of other media companies, our Editorial policy is to focus mainly on good, positive, uplifting news, stories and features rather than doom and gloom. This is because we feel Portugal is a fantastic country that deserves to be shown in a good light so our readers in turn can feel good after reading our offerings. The online numbers suggest this policy is working.

All Free!

Free newspapers, free magazines and free online is how we are and how we will continue. We believe information should be free and freely available to all irrespective of your views or your finances. We see The Portugal News as a community asset for the community, by the community, to be used by the community, rather than a hard nosed money making exercise. That community is residents, second home owners, visitors, businesses and overseas workers.

The Portugal News is funded by our advertisers and as we gain more and more readers then obviously more and more people are reached by our advertisers.

It is an ever expanding win-win situation for both our readers and advertisers. If you use the services of any of our advertisers perhaps just mention you saw them in The Portugal News.

We recently introduced a voluntary online donation page as running an ever expanding independent media organisation is not cheap, so I would humbly request if you use our services to please consider making a donation, no matter how small, as every bit helps and it in turn helps you to have more from us.

All new magazines

In print we have increased the number of pages of the weekly paper and will do so further over the coming months, despite the higher paper costs, as we have so much more to tell you, our dear readers, about the benefits of living, visiting and working in Portugal. In addition, as you are probably aware, we have two new magazines for 2022 - Properties in Portugal and Central Algarve.

Properties in Portugal was launched to tell you about the fantastic properties available in Portugal and to give you information on the state of the property market here. It was launched in conjunction with a property portal, that is fast becoming the go to place to find your dream home in Portugal or to list your property for sale.

With the firmly entrenched Central Algarve magazine, we have a number of new initiatives as well as the established content that we hope our readers and advertisers will like. This will include regular features on places to visit, what to do and places to eat as well as some more quirky information.

Watch that particular space!

Exciting expansion plans

We have a very clearly defined strategy with exciting expansion plans in the pipeline that will see our readership grow further in a number of different media channels. This in turn will allow our readers even more access to news, views and insights on Portugal and allow our advertisers to reach yet more people with relevant offers.

So, a big thank you to you all for supporting us on this journey of rapid transformation. It means a lot to our ever growing team here at The Portugal News and a special thank you to our Editor Daisy for overseeing such rapid growth in such a calm, relaxed, professional manner. If you ever see her maybe even buy her a drink - she has earned it!

Richard Clingen

CEO and Owner

The Portugal News Media Group