“The survey shows that, in 2022, 10.4% of residents are 'very satisfied', 61.6% 'satisfied', 20.0% 'not very satisfied' and 8.0% 'not at all satisfied'".

Among the main reasons for satisfaction are quality of life/stable standard of living (22.7%), having a job (21.5%), family life (19.3%), health (18 .1%) and liking the place where they live (10.3%).

In terms of dissatisfaction, “financial difficulties/high cost of living (32.8%), low salaries and pensions (22.5%) and health problems (18.1%) are the three main reasons given by respondents”.

“Dissatisfaction with the National Health Service (4.4%) and the international situation (2.0%) appear, for the first time, as causes of dissatisfaction. Government policies (7.8%), unemployment (6.9%) and loneliness (5.4%) are other reasons mentioned.