The July climate report released by the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), classifies the month of July 2022, in mainland Portugal, as extremely hot in relation to air temperature and very dry in relation to precipitation.

In an “exceptional” month, the absolute extremes of maximum temperature in 28 stations and minimum temperature in 21 stations were exceeded.

“Between July 7th and 14th, 98 new maximum temperature records were recorded, with the highest number of absolute records on the 14th and monthly on the 13th”, says the IPMA.

Last month, the average value of the average air temperature was 25.14ºC (degrees Celsius), which is almost three degrees (2.97ºC) above the normal value.

The average maximum air temperature, with more than 33ºC (33.16 °C), was the second highest since 1931 (as long as there are records), only surpassed by the month of July 2020). It was 4.44ºC more than normal.

In the document, the IPMA points out that the four highest values of the average maximum temperature in July occurred after 2000.

The average minimum temperature (17.13°C) was also nearly two degrees above normal, and was the fourth highest since 1931.