As SNTSF leader Abílio Carvalho told Lusa, the strike is expected to cause disturbances to the rail network on Monday’s holiday, “which can be felt the day before, Sunday night, because there are workers who start shifts” at that time. CP warned on Friday of “disturbances in services” on Monday, August 15, a national holiday, pointing to the possibility of delays and cancellations of trains “due to strike action”.

In the note, published on the website, CP does not mention whether minimum services are foreseen. The National Union of Railway Sector Workers (SNTSF) called for a strike notice for overtime, work on weekly rest days and work on holidays this month, pointing out that workers must use it to “express their discontent and their demand for the appreciation of their wages”.

A source from the SNTSF told Lusa that the reasons for this strike are the 0.9% salary increase, which the union considers insufficient given the inflation recorded in recent months, as well as the lack of workers at the company.

In the statement released on Friday, CP clarifies that “customers who have already purchased a ticket to travel on trains of the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Interregional and Regional services, will be allowed a refund, for the total value of the ticket purchased, or its free revalidation, for another train of the same category and in the same class”.

The carrier adds that information on the status of train circulation can be obtained through its portal,, or through the hotline 808109110.