According to the official, the festival has attracted audiences of different age groups, many of whom are even used to other musical genres. The line-up turns out to be varied, having pieces from various historical periods and authors, which possibly attracts the public's attention.

OperaFest starts on 19 August and ends on 10 September, in the Jardim do Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, a partner of Ópera Castelo.

In addition to the varied repertoire, OperaFest will receive national artists, from rookies, to those who already have years of experience in the area. Nevertheless, all workers, whether they are interns or not, are paid, because according to Catarina Molder, young people’s work deserves respect.

During the event, it is possible to watch the debut of the opera “Minotauro”, by João Ricardo, winner of the Carlos Pontes Leça Prize last year, named after the former head of the Music Service of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The play opens on 6 September at 9 pm.

The third edition of OperaFest begins with the opera “A Masked Ball”, written in 1859.