The fire that broke out on 6 August in Garrocho, in the municipality of Covilhã was reported to have been dominated on 13 August but unfortunately reactivated on Monday.

Last night at 11:30pm, the Regional Commander of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, Elísio Oliveira, said in a statement to CNN Portugal that the operational team will stay on site until they are “sure that the situation is resolved.”

"Throughout tonight we will continue working around the perimeter of the fire. Fortunately, at the edge of the fire we don't have major problems, but inside we still have some pockets with small fumaroles that need intervention," he recalled.

According to Elísio Oliveira, at the time of 11:30pm, "the fire is in resolution", not registering active outbreaks around the perimeter.

Regarding the possible complications in the area, the commander explained that the concern is due to weather conditions, adding that he will have to "relocate the means to ensure that any situation that arises a timely response is given with the appropriate means".

According to the ANEPC website, at 11:45pm, there were 1,067 operational personnel, supported by 346 vehicles on site.