Relive, which was founded in 2021 by the young entrepreneur José Costa Rodrigues, aims to bring together agents from across the Atlantic.

According to a report by idealista, Relive has offices and real estate consultants in Portugal and Austin and is, in the words of the young entrepreneur, “not a real estate company, but a platform, an ecosystem to help the best consultants in the real estate sector to manage their business”.

José Costa Rodrigues explained his vision: “Having American consultants in the USA specialised in selling the unparalleled country we have, sending leads to Portugal, for their Portuguese counterpart of Relive to grab the lead from the buyer client and close the deal. And that's how the two consultants, American and Portuguese will win. If we do our job well, the American buyer will feel that there's been a nice interconnection. This is a big dream of ours, to establish this connection”.

“Being able to somehow link this American potential to the Portuguese quality of life, whether bringing American investors to Portugal, or helping Portuguese people who also want to emigrate to America in search of something better, seems to me to be something quite interesting. We will look to do that, without a doubt,” he added.

“Portugal in a unique position in the world”

Stressing that he does not know “any other company in Portugal that has a mediation license in Portugal and in the USA under the same broker, under the same management”, the CEO of Relive highlighted that he has travelled extensively in the USA and in other cities worldwide and that in most of these locations they “do not have the quality of life, historical and cultural beauty that there is in Portugal”.

Of one thing José Costa Rodrigues says he has no doubts: Portugal has definitely come onto the radar of real estate investors. “After being abroad and seeing the problems of other countries, we can see that Portugal has a unique position in the world.”

“Perhaps we think that we are experiencing the tourism boom from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, but I would like to believe that the boom in tourism and foreign investors coming here and wanting to reside in Portugal is yet to come, because the conditions of our country, the living conditions, are extraordinary”, he continues.