Data indicates that in May, 5,700 flights were disrupted; 250 flights were cancelled, and 31,000 passengers are entitled to compensation. In June, the number of flights that were disrupted increased to 7,500 flights, with 300 flights cancelled and 45,000 passengers entitled to compensation. Finally, in July, AirHelp reports 9,300 flights that were disrupted; 570 flights cancelled, and 83,000 passengers are entitled to compensation.

According to the largest organisation in the world specialised in defending the rights of air passengers, “these disturbances are the result of strikes called by different airlines, the increase in demand for flights and the increase in air traffic”.

AirHelp data also points out that demand for its services in Portugal grew by 213 percent in these three months and by 111 percent in July alone.

Since the beginning of summer and to date, “3.8 million passengers worldwide are entitled to compensation, of which 1.6 million correspond only to the month of July”, says the company in a statement.

Of these, 158,000 passengers are Portuguese, a number above the USA (140,000) and Poland (72,000).