Surprisingly, a new DeFi cryptocurrency token called My Freedom Coin (MFC), has outperformed others, making investors money as opposed to their more established counterparts.

In contrast to crypto behemoths like Bitcoin and Ethereum, MFC aims to lessen the volatile effects of crypto winters with its unique 'crash-proof' design.

Analysts and experts are impressed with MFC's potential as well as its continued growth despite a down market. My Freedom Coin is a good example of how new projects can be good investments during the crypto winter.

Built to survive a market crash

My Freedom Coin is a platform with three pillars that make it a "HODL" for any investment in cryptocurrencies.

MFC simplifies a difficult procedure for new investors. The MFC initiative is distinctive due to its reserve fund, which maintains a price floor and enables low-risk investments. This function alone has contributed something novel to the industry.

Analysts say My Freedom Coin can compete with other cryptocurrencies due to its steady floor price, which is maintained by removing MFC from circulation to increase its market value. Loan interest, buybacks, and transaction fees collected on the MFC platform are charged in MFC and removed from circulation.

How does MFC do it?

Collateralized Loans: BUSDT permits users to collateralize their MFC and take out a loan at a monthly interest rate of 0.98% in MFC. Loan terms are 12 months, although they may be renewed before maturity. The accrued interest is burned, which increases the Floor Price. Loan renewals with an annual minimum principal payment of 100 BUSD incur an additional 0.5% cost. Due to its crash-proof design, MFC distinguishes itself from other lending platforms in that each collateral loan carries zero liquidation risk.

Issuances and Buybacks: To support the value of its native coin, MFC has built multiple features, including issuances and buybacks. Transactions on the secondary market or the creation of new coins occur at twice the floor price. 10% of community incentives are allocated to the "BuyBack" smart contract, which purchases out-of-circulation MFC to increase the Floor Price.

Peer-to-peer exchange: All MFC transactions carry a 2% exchange fee, which raises the Floor Price by removing MFC from circulation.

Transaction fee: MFC can be transferred between users and is frequently used as a form of payment. A 0.5% fee is collected and removed from circulation in MFC, contributing to the increase in the Floor Price.

In conclusion...

Analysts believe MFC is a safe bet during a crypto winter. First, it has a solid plan and is committed to executing it. Second, the coin has a strong community behind it. And finally, the coin is also backed by a unique and strong technology to protect its users and assets.

The My Freedom Coin app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Visit their website or their Twitter, Reddit, and other social media outlets for more information. To register for the platform, enter the code CXPMGOSKJT.