In a statement, the municipality states that its president, Rogério Bacalhau, signed the consignment document for the new bridge contract, works that will represent a total cost of more than €6.6 million of which an extra €1.5 million were added to the initial bid.

According to the municipality, the extraordinary price review, approved by the municipal assembly at the end of July, “intended to respond to the exceptional situation that caused abrupt increases in the prices of raw materials and labour, with impact on the construction and on the costs of the works foreseen in this contract”.

“The work, with an execution period of 540 days (18 months), should start soon and foresees the construction of a new access bridge to Praia de Faro, which will replace the current one and will be located on a parallel route to the east”.

The municipality adds that the new structure will be at a distance that “causes, among other factors, the need to carry out the demolition work of the current bridge – whose removal costs will also be borne by the Municipality –, after the completion and entry into operation of the new structure, which will cover a distance of about 180 metres, with an 11-meter wide deck”.

The new deck will have two lanes for car circulation, also allowing public transport access to Praia de Faro, and two pedestrian walkways, one of them with a width that allows for pedestrian and cycling circulation.