In July, 43,374 personal credit contracts were signed, 3.2% more than in the previous month, but the amount contracted, of €302 million, was down 2.1% in relation to June.

In car loans, both the number of contracts (15,968) and the amount (233 million) fell by 3.4% and 4.7%, respectively. The only area in which there was an increase, was in cards and bank overdrafts, where the amount rose by 0.6% to €101 million.

Taking the various segments together, loans totalling €635.9 million were granted in July, 2.68% less than in the previous month. In June, the amount had already fallen by 5.26% compared to May. In the year-on-year comparison, the figure for July this year was 9.5% higher than for the same month in 2021.