In a statement, the Ministry of Culture revealed that Minister Pedro Adão e Silva “approved the report and acquisition proposals in the context of the State’s annual program for the acquisition of contemporary art for 2022”.

Among the works proposed for acquisition are works by Alice dos Reis (born in 1996 and the youngest artist in the group), Ana Hatherly, Ana Mata, André Guedes, António Caramelo, Carlos Bunga, Catarina Lopes Vicente, Délio Jasse, Edgar Martins, Isabel Cordovil, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Leonor Antunes (author of the most expensive piece on the list, "Tapete", worth €64,000), Manuela Marques, Maria Lino, Nástio Mosquito, Paulo Catrica, Rita GT, among many others.

According to the report by the Commission for the Acquisition of Contemporary Art, sent alongside the ministry's statement, in addition to the proposed works, it is also recommended that a catalog be produced with the acquisitions and a joint exhibition of the works acquired between 2021 and 2022.

Created in the 1970s, with the aim of becoming a representative collection of national artistic production, the then “SEC Collection” made acquisitions over the decades, but was paralysed for about 20 years.

Acquisitions were resumed in 2019, through the creation of commissions to identify works by contemporary artists, with a view to integrating them into the State’s program for the acquisition of contemporary Portuguese art.

This program was relaunched by the Government after a group of 200 visual artists demanded, in 2018, urgent measures for the contemporary art sector from the Prime Minister, António Costa, who created a ten-year acquisition program, starting with a budget of €300,000 for 2019.