Wendy previously worked in a dog sanctuary for a couple of years and Gary would often help out, giving them plenty of experience with dogs and cats, both large and small.

The couple, who have lived in Portugal for eight years and are lifelong pet owners with experience in a variety of breeds, are now managing the Pet Park Hotel which is open 365 days a year.

They ensure that all dogs who stay with them are exercised at least four times a day and have added another daycare day, Tuesday and Thursday, for those who want to leave their dog to socialise with others or go out for the day.

They currently have five dogs that they are boarding on behalf of the APAA charity and also try to spend as much time as possible with nervous dogs who haven’t had much human contact, which is working well and is very rewarding.

For further information, please call 282 011 092 or email ghulme23@Yahoo.co.uk