“In most jobs, only the minimum services are being fulfilled, so the mass adhesion of workers has been very positive”, said Dário Ferreira, leader of the Union of Transformer Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities (SITE), in statements to journalists.

According to the leader, there has been a “strong adherence” to the strike, which has led to “the stoppage of some services”.

The union declined, however, to say how many workers, out of a universe of about 700, are on strike.

About half a dozen employees demonstrated today in front of the official residence of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, in Funchal, where they delivered their demands.

In the document, delivered to the executive chaired by Miguel Albuquerque (PSD), workers demand a salary increase of at least 90 euros, as well as an increase in the meal allowance and “the end of discrimination in value”.

They also demand 35 hours of work per week, “ending discrimination” between workers.

“And what is expected is a serious negotiation, which meets these workers’ demands, with a real desire to resolve them”, highlighted Dário Ferreira.

The leader added that workers are available to go on strike again this year if necessary.

ARM - Águas e Resíduos da Madeira is a public company responsible for the management of water and waste in the entire Autonomous Region of Madeira.