According to a report by CNN Portugal, the suspect has already been identified in a line up by the woman.

The report states that the 35-year-old woman landed in Lisbon and suspicions were raised that, instead of coming to the country for a holiday, she intended to stay illegally in the Schengen area. According to the woman, she was transported in a vehicle alone with a SEF inspector to the Temporary Installation Center at the airport, the same place where Ihor Homeniuk was murdered, and ended up locked in a room without video surveillance cameras, where she was raped by the inspector.

She claims to have kept silent out of fear and shame and was eventually repatriated days later. Once in her country, she told her boyfriend what had happened and, together, they travelled to Lisbon to file a complaint and collaborate with all investigations.

The woman has been interviewed more than once and had no trouble identifying the suspect.

Contacted by CNN, an official SEF source refused to reveal what disciplinary consequences the case had, namely whether the inspector in question was suspended. However, SEF emphasises that the case was initially reported as sexual harassment and not rape.