According to the DGERT - Directorate-General of Employment and Labour Relations website, the unions and CP have reached an agreement to comply with minimum services of 25%.

According to the strike notice, published on 17 November, the workers "are fighting for an annual financial premium to compensate for the loss of purchasing power in 2020, for updating the food allowance, for an end to discrimination between unions, for compliance with the Company Agreement in force and for the implementation of the missing performance evaluation process for the period May 2021 to April 2022".

The protest was called by the Trade Union Association of Intermediate Supervisors of Railway Operations (ASCEF), the National Independent Union of Railway Workers (SINFB), the National Union of Railway Workers and Similar (SINFA), the Independent Union of Railway Workers and Similar (SIOFA), the National Democratic Railway Union (SINDEFER) and the National Union of Transport, Communications and Public Works (FENTCOP).

The strike covers all CP - Comboios de Portugal workers and will take place between 00:00 and 24:00 on 30 November.

According to the pre-notice, from 17 November until 29 November there will also be a strike of CP workers from the eighth hour of their normal daily working time and a strike "for the whole working period" of station staff (workers assigned to ticket offices, direct supervisors and the commercial and marketing service).